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Lifting Stones (2019), 6mins;

vcl., hbd., cel., bell.  Conservatorio di Musica GB Martini di Bologna





Chinook (live recording) (2016),

pno., sop.


Always-Already (live recording) (2015), 7mins;

harpsichord solo, Satoshi Matsumura









‘that there road’ (live recording) (2012), 9 mins;

vln., synth. Victoria Melik, New Music in New Places





Trio for Violin, Piano and Turntables (live recording) (2012), 7mins;

vln., pno., turntables. KWG New Music




Changing Leaves (live recording) (2014), 7 mins;

fl., 2 tpt., vln., 3 voices., vib., pno., banjo.






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